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      Application Development and Maintenance

      Provide Application Development and Maintenance Services for Various Industries

      In today's highly competitive global market, every company faces issues of controlling management costs and increasing revenues by balancing internal resources and outsourcing. Hence, an increasing number of offshore development centers (ODCs) built upon real-time network communication in India, China and Eastern Europe have become a strategic choice for large global companies. These ODCs help companies overcome the following challenges:

      • Reduce development costs;
      • Transfer from legacy system to a new technology platform;
      • Customization development integrated with ERP system;
      • Data mining and migration for new business services;
      • Release key internal resources through offshore development;
      • Develop lifecycle management of key business processes with software. Reduce development costs;

      Through establishing and constantly optimizing a complete service model that combines on-site, near-shore and offshore development centers, Neusoft is proud to provide global customers with full-lifecycle services from application development to maintenance.

      We offer a wide range of application development and maintenance services for various industries including telecom, utilities, banking, securities, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, education, transportation, media, IT and iron & steel.

      Offshore Application Development & Maintenance


      Neusoft collaborates with leading global consulting and system integration partners to provide IT outsourcing services to the world's top-notch life and annuity companies in China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia through our proven onshore and offshore delivery models.

      • Project development outsourcing services
      • Technical resources outsourcing services

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      We provide unparalleled application development and maintenance services to our customers. These include life and annuity policy administration, claims management, customer services, business process management, legacy system integration, etc.

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      Application Development and Maintenance Cooperation between Neusoft & SAP

      Service Desk

      • Event acceptance, distribution and reporting
      • Knowledge base
      • Problem tendency analysis
      • Operation & maintenance procedure establishment
      • Online or on-site training

      ERP Application Operation and Maintenance

      • End users' problems processing
      • Functionality and process improvement

      Secondary and Development Modifications

      • ABAP modification and development

      Peripheral Software System Modification and Development

      • Multi-language developed software modification and development
      • Multi-middleware system modification and development
      • Multi-database system modification and development

      Basi Operation & Maintenance Management

      • Daily operation & maintenance management
      • Health examination and performance optimization
      • Patching and upgrading

      Data archiving

      • SAP system configuration and archival processing
      • Archived data inquiry

      Platform Migration

      • Hardware system capacity expansion and migration
      • Basic software system upgrade and migration

      System Monitoring

      • Hardware system fault monitoring and troubleshooting
      • System software fault monitoring and troubleshooting

      Mainframe Hosting

      • Computer room & power supply, network access and security monitoring
      • Hardware and software rental

      Customer List

      Haier Overseas Trading SAP ERP & Peripheral Systems Operation and Maintenance
      China Minmetals SAP ERP System Operation and Maintenance
      Alpine China and Hungary SAP ERP System Operation and Maintenance


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